Hello there!

My name is Brittany. I'm a hard-working,

motivated Graphic Designer who is self starting
and problem solving. I have excellent communication
and am highly organized. I'm determined to get
the job done, big or small.


Even though I'm Graphic Designer, I can't say I've
always had a passion for this profession. Growing up in
a small town, I was never exposed to the world of digital
design. My graduating class of 40 students, puts into
perspective just how small of a town I've come from.
I was very involved in my high school art department,
however graphic design was unheard of.


Attending the Art Institute really opened my eyes and
mind to a world of design I never knew existed. Originally,
I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design. However,
I soon realized that it wasn't for me. That's when I was
introduced to graphic design. I became very interested
in the subject and ended up changing my career choice,
and quite honestly I couldn't be happier with my decision!


Today, I am proud to say I've accomplished my goal
of becoming a Graphic Designer.

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